I'm Lucille Lawrence, a photographer and artist living in Oakland, California. Originally from Mendocino, I maintain strong roots to the community, drawing much of my inspiration from its rural bohemia and mystical scenery. Things that make me giddy: a good sunset, dinners outside, Barcelona, small goats, daffodils, margaritas, and my husband's laugh. 

I'm a big fan of weddings and treat each one like a treasure hunt; learning about yours, your story, and your people. I have been known to cry during vows and first dances and believe in your love with compassion and bounds of enthusiasm.  I view weddings like organic performances and sculpted rituals unfolding; creatively documenting the big and the small moments, the details, the in-between. I love staging just a bit of schmaltz but with the depth and optimism of a true believer and quiet observer. I don't take myself too seriously, I aim to be a calm and neutral presence at your wedding, and I love what I do. 

I look forward to making memories together.

2006. BA in Theatre & Performance Studies, UC Berkeley.
2011-12. Graduate Studies in Photography, San Francisco Art Institute.

Also at, www.lucilllelawrence.com




Weddings range from $4000-$5500. Lower rates available for intimate weddings and elopements, please inquire. Portraits start at $450. Drop me a line here or email me at:

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